My secrets to building a  Profitable Instagram Business/Brand & Making Over $5.000 Per Month

Taking 30 minutes a day and following my Proven strategies, you will be able to grow your social media business in no time!

How To Build A Following
On Instagram And Make Your First $1,000 With It
"Thanks to Tobias and the 30 Minute IG Mastermind Program I was able to make over $8,000/month! The course is so easy to understand, simple to follow and Tobias gives you a proven step-by-step system. That's just perfect!"
Join the Instagram Insider Program
and learn how you can build a following
on Instagram and make over $5,000/month with it...


** Tobias is a professional and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same.
What can you expect from the Instagram Insider Program?
The 30 Minute IG Mastermind Program will give you a simple step by step blueprint on how: 

To Build your own Social Media Business through Instagram and Facebook without even having a product! 

This is seriously the easiest way to achieve a passive $1,000 or more per week and in this Course I will show you exactly how you can grow your page and monetise it to get to $1,000 and more per week as FAST AS POSSIBLE!
So what will you learn inside my Mastermind?
  • ​A step-by-step blueprint for massive growth and success on Instagram...
  • ​How to get thousands of likes, comments, story views and followers in almost no time...
  • ​Brand new strategies that work perfectly in 2020 and will get you 500+ followers per day...
  • ​​Get the exact strategy that I used to to grow many accounts and generate over 6 Figures with Instagram
** Individual results may vary, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
 All it takes is 30 minutes a day! 
Hey there! 

My name is Tobias Schmidt, and I am here to tell you how I generated over $100K in sales in just 30 days on Instagram.

I was able to crack the Social Media code and Generated Over $800,000 In Sales In less than 30 Days!...
Many of the well known online Entrepreneurs are using parts of this system & making tons of money with it!...
People like Russell Brunsson, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk and a lot more use it to make millions of dollars. 

But who has the step by step Method proven to generate thousands of dollars in sales per month without a brand or product?


These same strategies took me from being that broke husband and father of four a few years ago who was struggling in every job - to suddenly becoming self employed through social media and able to provide for my family with no worries at all. 
I made my 1st $100K in just 14 days!
And I literally started with just a few Bucks in my bank account!

Because I was that 18 year student, getting a job straight out of college and working the 9-5 grind. 

I knew pretty soon that this was not where I wanted to end up being in ten years time. 

*Keep reading and learn how I generated over $800,000 in sales in less then 30 days with Instagram & Social Media...

The 9-5 System really wasn´t for me!
I was always looking for alternative ways to make a lot money and be MY OWN BOSS!
There was no way I was going to be a slave of this system!

I really wanted something better for me & my Family! 

A friend showed me how to make money with e-commerce and I started to look into all the different methods everybody was talking about. Amazon FBA, Shopify and more...

On Instagram everybody was traveling, showing off their lifestyle and how easy it was,  visiting awesome places, driving cool cars and making big money...

And I new this was the lifestyle I wanted! I mean - who would't!  


    One day, I still remember it, I looked at my empty wallet and just couldn´t stand this anymore. I just had to do something!
    I remember thinking; "If someone else can make this happen - why can't I?"

    *Thanks to Instagram I now live the life of my dreams! Keep reading and learn how you too can make money with Instagram...

    The ONE Thing They All Have In Common Is That...
    They All Have A Big Following
    Two things became clear to me very quickly. 

    I needed to build a social media presence above all else. And Instagram was the hot spot for everyone.

    Secondly I knew that with the right methods, I could grow my following smarter and faster.

    It wasn't easy to grow my following when I had no idea where to start. 

    Until I discovered the CTF Strategy....

    *Instagram changed my life and it can change your life too! Keep reading and join the "30 Minute IG Mastermind" Program...

    *Look at this!! I made over $80,000 with Instagram in just a month!
    That's the power of it... Trust me, if I can do it, then you can do it too.

    The "CTF Strategy"

    When I discovered the simple CTF strategy, I couldn't believe the growth that hit my account! 

    From just 50 followers per day, the account started to grow exponentially with 200 followers per day then 300, then 400 and even 500!

    Yes that´s right the account started to grow by 500 new followers per day! The best thing is that I finally started to make some money...

    Wow that felt good! 

    Now to take the next massive step! 

    Within my first month I made over $80K - but that's not all I was able to achieve. 
    I also had..
    • over 25,000 likes on one post...
    • 1,300,000 impressions on one post...
    • 125,000+ NEW followers in ONE month...
    The Bottom line is - it's not hard to monetise your social media account - we simply don't have enough teachers showing us these easier steps and strategies. 
    We are made to believe it only happens by selling a product, or by selling a course online. 

    This CTF Strategy has also helped many of my Students and other people.
    Here's what some had to say:

    Instagram: @LogoGenius1

    Instagram: @jaylin.booker

    So if you’re tired of having no money in your bank account…

    ...not being able to do what you love, not begin free and enjoying life then pay close attention, because with the "CTF Strategy" and with my step by step mentorship, you've now GOT THIS!

    You'll be able to:
    • Build a huge following on Instagram...
    • Build a highly profitable online business
    • ​Make your first $1,000 online with ease...
    • Make $100,000 in the next 6 month (or more)
    So that you can...:
    • Break out of the system and be your own boss...
    • ​Be financially free...
    • Travel the world and see the most beautiful places...
    • ​Get your dream car and enjoy life...
    • ​Support your family...
    • Enjoy your life..
    • ​And "Live the life of your dreams"...
    Because the “CTF Strategy” is misunderstood and ignored by most people and because most people don´t even know that this strategy exists, you can use it to quickly gain an fair advantage that will allow you to build a following on Instagram and make your first $1,000 and more with it!

    "I didn't expect this to work as well"

    “I grew to over 100k in less then a year thanks to Tobias. He really helped me a lot and I can't thank him enough. 
    @thesuccesspage with 250k Followers

    "My Instagram Business is blowing and I make hundreds of dollars a day"

    “With the help of Tobias my Instagram Business really took off. I really didn't expect his Program to work this well. I will hit my first 10k/week soon"
    @sucess__feed with 175k Followers

    No matter, whether you...:
    • Are a complete beginner...
    • ​Already have an Instagram account and want to get to the next level...
    • ​Have your own product or not...
    • Have no technical skills...
    • Don´t know anything about Instagram and Funnels...
    • Only have 30 minutes per day...
    With the "CTF Strategy" and the Instagram Insider Program you´ll be able to build a following on Instagram and you'll make your first $1,000 and a lot more with it!
    Introducing my Spotlight Course! 
    On Top Of All That You´ll Also Get 6 Bonus Gifts Worth $12K 
    For FREE!
    How do we come up with this price value?

    It's the real world prices of the free gifts you will get (many of them never have been publicly available like this) normally people had to pay the retail price in seminars or platforms to access those infos and services, and you're going to get them for Free.

    With the  Instagram Insider Program you´ll NOT just get access to all my videos lessons (40+), checklists and a proven blueprint, but you'll also can get access to the my 6-Figure VIP Club which gives you access to live Q&A calls with me, a 6-Figure VIP Club Channel and lot's of other amazing stuff!

    You´ll have everything that you need to be successful on Instagram and make your Dreams come true!

    You´ll really have everything that you need to make your first $1,000 and a lot more with Instagram!

    The last years I've put together all the knowledge I have in to a proven system that everyone can use it to grow thair Instagram Accounts and make their first $1,000 and more with it.

    And you can too, by joining the Instagram Insider Program!

    The strategies that you´ll learn inside the Instagram Insider are the exact strategies that big companies and clients usually pay me $8,000+ to teach them every month.

    You´ll have me as a Mentor if you want and I´ll give you a proven system!

    Click the button below and join the Instagram Insider Program now to learn how you can build a following on Instagram and make your first $1,000 and a lort more with it! It´s not Magic, its a proven System!
    The one thing that CHANGED EVERYTHING...

    ...was that I saw how much money you can make online. Seeing that changed everything. The numbers I saw were crazy and changed everything in my mind.

    I asked myself “How can I do this?” And what I figured out is that:
    Building a Funnel that 24/7 automatically sells your
    products is the key to making money online.
    That´s why I started building my first Funnel.

    I build my first website, recorded a video for it, wrote some emails and created a product that the funnel should sell. I started sending people from my Instagram account into the funnel “with the hope” that the funnel turns those people into paying customers.

    I was so excited... xD

    I payed some big Instagram pages to send their followers into the funnel. I spend
    over $200, but no one bought my product!

    God… that feeling was so bad…
    I wanted to give up and sell my Instagram account, but I
    remembered what my mentor told me.

    He told me:

    “Niklas! Tough times will come. You´ll think about giving up… But the difference between those who succeed and those who don´t is that those who succeed keep going. Those who succeed never give up because they know that they are just one step away…”

    He told me that when you think about giving up that you have to take all your energy and tell yourself that you just one more time have to give 100%! 

    And that´s what I did!

    I decided to give 100% one more time...
    I refreshed all my knowledge about building a funnel that automatically turns people into paying customers and read two books about building one in less than 24 hours.

    After that I created a huge plan for my funnel.

    I mapped everything out and started building my funnel.

    I build my sales page for the video course, recorded a sales video, wrote emails, created Instagram Ads, created a members area and all that… I worked 15 hours every day and within one week I finished building my funnel.
    This was my last chance.
    I finished building my machine and started sending my followers into it and GUESS WHAT??

    It worked!! xD

    The day I started sending some of my followers into the machine I made $97.

    I can remember the exact number.

    $97.81. The day after that I made $191. Wow… xD

    That feeling was so awesome! I kept going and made more money. I made more and more money.

    One morning I woke up and already made over $500.

    That was so awesome!!
    Imagine how that feeling would be…
    All the hard work started paying off. I was so happy. Within 8 days I made $3,000. Whoooo… I felt so good. In the next 22 days I made $7,971 with Instagram and my funnel! 

    That was soooo crazy.

    I made $10,971 in 30 days! Wooooww… Imagine how your life would be if you had an extra $10,000 per month right now. 

    At that point I realized that everything is possible and that life can change so fast.

    I knew “YES, all my dreams will come true!!”.

    I kept going and made more money…

    A few month later I was in Spain for a few weeks. I lived in a beautiful house next to the beach. I woke up, went to the gym, then jumped into the water and then I most of the time had breakfast. This is how my day started. After that I got some work done and enjoyed life.
    At The Beginning Of 2019 I Came To Dubai...
    I came to Dubai for a new project.

    I started cooperating with someone from Germany. At that point he had 14,000 followers on Instagram. The idea was to launch a new digital product.

    I created the Funnel and did all the technical thing and he just send people from his Instagram account into the Funnel.

    Within 45 days we made over $1,000,000 in sales.

    That´s sooo carzy!

    And the best part about it is that I didn´t have to show my face.

    That I didn´t have to create a product.

    AND that I was able to generated the $1,000,000 in sales WITHOUT having a single follower in that niche.
    Now I Live In Dubai And Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Every Single Month...
    I started working with more and more influencers from all around the world. I build funnels for them, they send their followers into the funnel and we both make money.

    So cool!

    And the best thing is that you can do it too. You can simply cooperate with Influencers who already have hundreds of thousands of followers and build a funnel for them.

    They then just send people into it and you do 50/50 with the Influencer and you both make money.
    You can also build a funnel for you own Instagram account and make money with that. You just have to know how building a Funnel works and then you´ll be able to make tens of thousands of dollars with Instagram.

    That´s why I created the Instasecrets Mastermind. In it I´ll show you step-by-step from zero how building a Funnel works and how you can build your first one and make $100,000 within the next 6 month with your Instagram account WITHOUT having any previous experience.

    I´ll also show you how you can reach out to big influencers and cooperate with them, so that you can build a funnel for them and do 50/50. The influencer then just sends his followers into it and you both make money. The cool thing about that is that you don´t have to show your face, that you don´t have to create your own product and that you can do it with zero followers.

    With the Instasecrets Mastermind I want to take 100 people from ZERO to $100,000 in the next 6 month. You can be one of them.

    Just click the button below now and join The Instasecrets Mastermind
    Those Who Want To Succeed
    “God Provides The Wind,
    But Man Must Raise The Sails.”
    St. Augustine
    Those Who Take Action Are The Ones Who..:
    • Drive Cool Cars
    • Live In Cool Houses
    • Travel The World
    • Support Their Family
    • Are FREE
    • Don´t Have To Worry About Having Enough Money
    • Experience The Most AMAZING Things Of This World
    • Live The Life Of Their DREAMS
    • ​Do Everything That Needs To Be Done To Succeed!
    • ​Drive Awesome Cars
    • Travel The World
    • Support Their Family
    • Are FREE
    • Don´t Have To Worry About Having Enough Money
    • Experience The Most AMAZING Things In The World
    • Live The Life Of Their DREAMS
    They Are: Action Takers

    Here's what's in the 
     Instagram Insider Program


    Everything you need to build up your first Instagram page without any previous experience. Learn exactly how to achieve extreme engagement of over 40+ % on Instagram.
    Value: $197

    Automation Machine

    The Automation Machine will give you the ability to automate your whole content production for all your Instagram content so you dont have to spend more then 30 minutes a day on your business.
    Value: $497

    Monetization Pro

    Monetizazion Pro, will show you the exact business modell I have used to earn a passive income of $1000/week and more and how you can make money with under 100 Followers.
    Value: $1497

    Growth Secrets

    This chapter will show you the stratgies you need to achieve massive follower growth on Instagram of up to 1000+ follower per day continuously.
    Value: $697

    1 on 1 Selling

    1 on 1 selling will show you direct examples on how I am able to sell on Instagram in 3 simple steps. You will also get an exact blueprint so you can make your first sales from the start.
    Value: $2697


    The CTF Strategy is the exact strategy I used to be able to earn over $1000/week with Instagram. Ready to copy and paste for you to do the same.
    Value: Priceless
    If You Join NOW You´ll Also Get:
    BONUS #1: Copy & Paste Templates
    BONUS #2: Automation Secrets
    BONUS #3: A FREE Shoutout
    BONUS #4: Money Back Guarantee On Mentoring
    ​BONUS #5: Mindset Secrets
    BONUS #6: And A PDF Checklist
    TOTAL Value: $5,585
    Now Just $299 One Time Payment
    Normally $97
    Join Now For Just $47

    Here Are Just a FEW of the Amazing Things That You´ll Learn In The "INSTAGRAM INSIDER" Program

    • ​The power of Instagram & how you, no matter where you are right now can build a massive Audience on it and make your first $1,000 and more /week with it doing what you love...
    • How the platform Instagram works and how me, my students and business partners use it to generate over $6,000,000 in sales...
    • How to choose the right niche for yourself and the exact process of finding a "gold mine" in it so that you can easily make your first $1,000 and more on Instagram...
    • A simple, but genius hack that you can use to craft the perfect bio for your Instagram account and how you can use your Instagram bio to #1 get more followers and of course #2 to make more money...
    • ​How to structure your highlights and how to use them to turn your followers not only into true fans, but also, how you can use your highlights to turn your followers into customers (which means money in your pocket)
    • ​What kind of content you should post in your feed so that you can constantly get new followers each day...
    • ​My Tips that you should use every single time when you create a post...
    • ​The Caption Strategy that will help you write perfect captions for your posts (When you use this strategy you will turn your followers in true fans)...
    • ​Top ways that you can instantly use to boost your engagement (likes, comments, views and shares)...
    • ​How to find the right hashtags for your Instagram account and the 1 thing that you have to do to get hundreds of new followers per day with hashtags
    • ​My secret growth strategies for 500+ new followers per day (with them you´ll get 500+ new followers every single day even if you don´t do anything on Instagram)
    • ​My TOP SECRET DM selling Strategy and How You can use it to sell high ticket products ($1,000+) so that you can make your first $1,000 with less than 100 followers (No, you don´t need your own product for this)...
    • ​How to completely automate your Instagram account so that you can focus on the important things and can spend time with your family and friends and just all day long do what you love...
    PLUS: If You Join The "INSTAGRAM INSIDER" Program Now Than You Can Also Get Access To
    Live Q&A Calls, A Private 6-Figure Club VIP Channel And So Much More... (Normally $97 per month)
    Although I am offering the INSTAGRAM INSIDER Program at an insanely low price ... I've decided to include even more...
    I'm also going to give you a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on my mentoring!

    And if you decide to cancel my mentoring, we will do it.
    Literally all the risk is on us, so we can deliver you the most value.
    Fair enough?
    That´s The Best Offer You Can Get!
    Click The Button Below To Join
    "The Instagram Insider Program"
    & Get All the FREE Bonuses!
    Join now & start growing your business!
    Special Offers Used
    FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:
    Do I need a lot of followers to make my first money?
    No, you don´t a lot of followers to make money your first money. You can start right away  to make money, even with just a few hundred followers.
    Some of my students made over $1000 with less then 1500 followers.
    I don´t have any previous experience. Is that a problem?
    No it´s not. In the 30 Minute IG Mastermind Program I´ll teach you everything step-by-step from 0. You don´t need any experience at all.
    I´m not from the US. Can I be successful? 
    YES! It doesn´t matter where you are from.
    When will I make my first money? 
    Well, that depends on you. You can make your first money within a week after joining. I´ll show you all once you joined the Program or Mentorship.
    How much time do I need everyday to be successful? 
    My personal Slogan is "30 Minutes is all it takes to be successfull!" but really depends on you. At the beginning you have to put in the work, the time and the energy. But later on you can easily automate everything. It litteraly will then only 30 minutes a day to grow your account.
    Do I have to show my face on Instagram 
    No, you don´t have to show you face. You´ll also can be successful without showing your face at all like many of my students.
    I don´t have a credit card. Can I pay with PayPal? 
    Yes we added PayPal as well, Just follow the steps on this page and you´ll be taken to a secure payment page. On that page you can pay with PayPal
    How I will get the access?
    You´ll get an email with a link and your login data for the 30 Minute IG Mastermind Program, a few seconds after your purchase. Just click that link and use your login data to login to the Program. That´s how you get access to everything.
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